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Ikon: Simplify 3D


We believe that 3D printers will lead to major changes in the workplace and in how we use technology to realise our ideas. Simplify shall be a major player in this adventure, and we want our customers to get the opportunity to join in together with a supplier that can deliver a full range of equipment, supplies, support and technical service.


Simplify 3D is an authorized reseller and service partner of 3D technology from 3D Systems, the leading manufacturer in the world. We believe that they have the best solutions, and with the product portfolio ProJet and ProX they have made 3D printing user friendly and of very high quality. We combine these market-leading technological innovations with a close releatingship with 3D Systems, and build on our long experience with support and logistics to provide our customers with an easier workday. Fully in line with our vision.


To cover the needs of all our customers, we can offer the entire range of 3D systems within the Professional and Production segments. This includes ProJet series for use in office and production environments, and SLS / SLA / DMP (Direct Metal Printing) for advanced manufacturing. For more information about these technologies you can watch the links below, or contact us to take an informal chat.